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Reputation is Earned with Quality Products

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Quality and Value

There are many arguments about whether or not a brand name necessarily equals a better product. Most of the time we pay more for a brand name vs. a lesser-known version. Though some of that price premium goes to pay merely for the advertising of the product, some of that extra does go toward a comparitively higher quality product, in most cases. There is a certain confidence that goes with purchasing a known quantity, a name we feel we can trust, and that’s not a small thing. With over 10 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining thousands of different plumbing and heating products Mattco has come to know what brands work, and what brands do not. We have no loyalty to one name or another; our loyalty is to our customer and that idea demands buying the best quality product and the value as determined by our direct experiences. This is one of the ways that Mattco maintains the loyalty of its clients and the consistancy of its service. We trust the brands we use.