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Thinking of converting from oil to gas heating? Call Mattco Plumbing and Heating with any service requests or questions today! Here are some of the benefits of converting from oil to gas:

The cost to install a natural gas heating system will pay for itself! Natural gas, which costs significantly less than oil, can fuel most of your appliances such as your stove, oven, fireplace, water heater, clothes dryer, and much more! Still, there are reasons other than money to make the switch. Gas has lower carbon emissions than oil, so it’s better for the environment. Plus, once you have a gas line, you can get that commercial-style, six-burner stove you’ve always wanted.

Service and repair

Hydronic heating Systems

Interested in hydronic heating for your home? All hydronic heating systems have one thing in common: hot water. Hydronic heating systems provide warmth by pumping hot water to radiators, under-floor tubing, or heat exchangers. Some benefits of a hydronic heating system are:

If you’re looking to install or repair any Hydronic heating system, Mattco Plumbing and Heating is here to help!

Signs of a damaged heating system

Family health issues

Dramatic temperature changes

Weird and unusual noises

Increased dust levels

Higher electricity/gas bill

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Gas Lines

Have a gas leak in your home? Or has the gas to your home or building been off for an extended period of time? No worries, Mattco plumbing and heating can repair all gas piping indoor and outdoor as well as replace all gas piping. We can even go throughout your home and check for all your gas valves to be sure they are up to code and replace any that could cause future issues.

Mattco can perform a gas leak test to determine if your gas system has a leak. We install a pressure gauge assembly on the gas riser at the meter and pump air into the system. We watch the gauge meter to see if the gauge hand is moving or not. If natural gas pipes become damaged, leaking gas could cause an explosion hazard. Some signs of a gas leak include:

More often than not, gas leak repairs require a permit from your city’s municipality. Once the permit is obtained, we can begin to repair the gas leak. Leaks within a home can require that the pipe is taken apart and reconnected to fix the leak. Above and outside gas leaks can require the same treatment, but can also require the entire underground line be replaced depending on the severity of the leak and the state of your pipes.

Solutions for

Water Heaters

If your current water heater is more than 8 years old or has begun to leak and experience other functionality issues, it may be time to consider a replacement. Allow us to inspect for leaks, faulty thermometers, crossed connections, and more to determine if a replacement is in order!

We can fully install Instant Hot Water Heaters, Tankless Gas Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Electric Tankless Water Heaters, and Gas Hot Water Heaters.

What can we replace?

Water heaters


Broken gas lines


Hydronic heating systems

And more!