Sewer and drain


From problems as simple as a toy or large object flushed down to toilet to a more difficult sewer backup, Mattco has the equipment and professionals on the job to get things flowing for you quickly and efficiently.

Bathroom sink, bathtub, kitchen sink, main sewer, etc. we will take care of all of it for you in a jiffy. With our professional and diagnostic equipment we can find clogs and isolate and resolve the problem before any more problems occur.

We don’t just guess at what its going to take to clear your sewer or drain, we always make an accurate diagnosis to ensure that we can clean your clog!

An efficient service

Video Pipe Inspections

Video pipe inspection is a utility location tool and an efficient way to find leaks, cracks and blockages. Fiber optic video cameras are used to inspect inside the tube or sewer line.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates 70% to 80% of the increased pollution come from the inflow and infiltration of the home lateral. With our camera inspection and pipe location services, Mattco Plumbing and Heating can locate and service pipes without ever having to dig up your lawn.

Signs of drain issues

Slow running drains

Several clogged fixtures

Water back up after flushing

Overflows and drainage

Mold and mildew

Keep basements free of water

Sump Pumps & Pits

Sump pumps move water from your basement out of your home. A sump is a naturally constructed pit, usually a hole carved below the main surface of your basement floor. This pit, known as a basin, holds the sump pump. The pump is equipped with valves that sense escalating water levels or pressure. When the water gets too high, sump pumps automatically pump excess water out of the basement and away from your property using a discharge line.

Sometimes various issues arrive with your sump pump causing poor drainage and leaks. These issues include:

Repair and replacement of

Sewer & Water Lines

Have a toilet or tub that is slow draining or sluggish? Is water seeping up from around under your toilet at the base or coming up out of your washing machine drain line? These are signs of a drain or sewer stoppage and are indicators that you may have an issue going on in your drain lines. You may also need to replace your main water line if you are experiencing the following issues:

Don’t panic, we can help! Call Mattco Plumbing and Heating to replace or repair any damaged and broken water lines and sewer lines!

What can we replace?

Sewer Lines

Drain Lines

Sump Pumps

Water Lines

Broken Pipes

And more!